Google Play Store Update Available With Indie Corner Special Nook

It seems that the Indie game fans now have a good reason to love Google, as the big search engine company has made a special nook inside the Android official store. To make things even nicer, it called it “Indie Corner” where all the Android users will be able to find their favorite indie games.

This is the perfect place to look for some new indie games, but at the same time to look for the most popular ones. We have to mention that this is not the first time when Google is showing its support for the developers of indie games. In the past, the tech giants has hosted different contests and gave away paid applications for free in order to popularize this category of games.

When you will access the “Indie Corner” you will notice that there are three different sections. One of them will host the newest indie games that have been released for Android OS. Another category will show up only some title that Google has picked and wants to promote and the last category will contain indie “masterpieces.”

You can opt for a big variety of games, which includes both older titles and new releases. Keep in mind that most of the games come for a price, but there are also a few of them, which are totally free. However, we have to understand that the indie games developers will need to make a profit somehow in order to keep developing future projects.

Most of these games were already available on different online shops and websites, but thanks to Google, the sales will most likely go up quite fast. There are many indie games available, so it won’t take long until you will find the ones that suit your play style. Not all of them are so popular, but we think that there are high chances that you will one that will attract you from the first minutes of game play.

You can already check out the “Indie Corner” in the Google Play Store and find a game that you like.

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