GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit Mod Combines Crysis With Open-World Setting

While Crysis was a good game and many have briefly enjoyed playing it, or perhaps still do, a lot of complaints formed around the game’s limited maps. The lackluster setting behind the game left many users wondering if an open-world format wouldn’t have been better. And, in all honesty, it truly would have. And now, thanks to this new mod created by JulioNIB, both Crysis and GTA players will get what they’ve always wanted: the full Crysis experience in GTA’s perfect open-world setting.

How Does It Work?

The secret behind the GTA 5 Crysis Nanosuit mod is that it’s a script mod. This means that the tweak can add new scripts to the game, which in turn makes everything work properly. On top of that, the script also utilizes many elements from the game itself, thus generating perfect immersion. In a nutshell, now you can sport the nanosuit in Los Santos, and it looks great and runs amazingly. There are no glitches or any other annoying oddities; everything’s just like you’d expect.

The mod doesn’t only introduce the neat Crysis Nanosuit to a classic GTA 5 game, but it also changes the game’s HUD, as well as introduces new features such as a weapon customization component menu, plus super speed, jump and punch. In fact, super is exactly the word we’d use to describe this mod. It’s simply amazing. The game now looks like a seamless mix of Crysis and GTA 5, and makes your character almost invincible.

Just think of the many cool possibilities having such a suit in your arsenal opens to your gameplay. You could rock just about any mission, defeat any enemy and be an overall undefeatable force. If you want to see the suit in action, just watch JulioNIB’s video. We promise you won’t be disappointed; we’ve watched it like 500 times by now.

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