GTA 5 Online Update Available With Pegassi Infernus Car Along With A Strange Bug

Rockstar Games has added a new update to its GTA 5 Online game, but it seems that this time it has brought a bug with it. We’re pretty sure that many have enjoyed the new Pegassi Infernus car and the Resurrection Adversary Mode, but it seems that the bug is quite annoying.

According to reports, the bug is affected vehicles in the game as they start spinning widly out of control. It is very annoying for all the GTA 5 Online players that have encountered this bug. The players have no idea what to do with their affected car and until now the cause of this bug is still unknown.

However, Rockstar Games has already released a statement where they’ve talked about this problem. It seems that the studio is already investigating the problem and it will try to fix it as soon as possible.

This is not the first time when the developer of GTA 5 brings this sort of vehicle-related bugs into the game. We remind you that back when the studio has brought the Pfister 811 to the game this car was one of the fastest cars in the game due to the bug that forced the car to break the physics engine.

In other news, the Rockstar Games is currently working on the GTA 6, which is expected to hit the stores sometime in 2020, along with two upcoming Xbox Two and PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, the developer has not confirmed anything about this yet and it refuses to talk about the GTA 6. The reason why the studio does this is because the sales on the GTA 5 are still going pretty well thanks to the Online platform the game is still alive. This means that we will still see more GTA 5 Online updates in the near future, until the GTA 6 will finally be released.

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