iPad vs. iPad Pro vs. iPad Mini 4 – Get The New One

Apple gives you a lot of iPad options to choose from, so we thought this might be the right time to compare some of them for you.

Do you need upgrading?

If you’re the happy owner of an iPad Pro (9.7-inch or 12.9-inch). iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2, upgrading is not an essential thing. But if you have an older iPad, or if you’re buying one for the first time, the right option for you depends on your needs.

Get the new iPad if you want a budget option.

The new 9.7-inch iPad is the most affordable tablet from Apple, and it’s practically featuring the innards of the discontinued iPad Air 2 in the housing of the original iPad Air. It won’t fit older Air 2 accessories, as it’s a little thicker and heavier, and it features a high-resolution Retina screen which unfortunately lacks the anti-reflective coating of the previous version. But its A9 processor delivers a bit more speed than Air 2 which worked on A8.

At prices starting from $329, £339 or AU$469 for the 32GB variant, it’s the best choice, if you don’t need the new features of the iPad Pro which costs twice as much.

Get the 9.7-inch Pro, if you’re a power user.

This one’s fast and it supports the pressure-sensitive Pencil. It has quad-speaker audio and improved speed, and its display features anti-glare and TrueTone ambient-adjusting color temperature.  You can also find it at a discount – try Target’s recent 25% off sale.

The 12.9-inch Pro has older cameras, its larger display lacks anti-glare and TruTone color adjustments, and its jumbo screen cannot make up for these.

Skip the Mini 4!

You can find the Mini 4 at $399, £419 or AU$779 for 128GB. The A8 processor is quite sluggish, especially when multitasking or with advanced games. It’s still too expensive, and you’d better skip it, and get the new 9.7-inch iPad instead.

Eventually the choice is yours, and it only depends on your price threshold and your needs regarding the feature set (work, entertainment, apps).

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