Minecraft DLC Available With Power Rangers Clothing For Your Character

Power Rangers was one of the most popular TV series back in the ‘90s. Well, it seems that a DLC with the Power Rangers has made its way to the Minecraft game.

While the nowadays kids will not understand much about it, we are pretty sure that old gamers will remember about this TV series. The new Power Ranger DLC pack will allow you to dress your character from Minecraft as Pink, Red, Black, Blue or Yellow Power Rangers.

Well, if you enjoy playing as the bad guy, don’t worry, because the developers have also brought skins such as Bulk, Skull and Rita Repulsa. You can already purchase the Power Rangers Skin Pack for Minecraft Windows 10, console and Pocket platforms at a price of $2.99. The skin pack has a size of only 10MB, so it won’t waste too much space from your device.

One of the designers of the skin pack named Mike Fielder, has mentioned how as a child he was getting home from school and he was excited about watching a new episode from “Power Rangers.”

Many have been surprised about the new “Power Rangers” DLC pack that has been released for Minecraft. However, it seems that the “Power Rangers” 2017 was just aired in the United States last week. A week after its release, the movie has managed to generate about $73 million worldwide and there are more and more fans coming to see it in cinemas.

As expected, the movie’s plot features some students from a high school, finding out their superpowers. The actors are: Naomi Scott as Pink Ranger, Becky G as Yellow Ranger, Dacre Montgomery as Red Ranger, RJ Cyler as Blue Ranger and Ludi Lin as Black Ranger. Elizabeth Banks is playing the role of Rita Repulsa, which is the villain in this movie.

Are you playing Minecraft on your device? Will you purchase the Power Rangers DLC pack?

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