Xiaomi Mi Box Gets Android 7.0 Nougat Update With Improved Performance

Xiaomi has launched the Mi-Box, which runs on Android, with the Android Marshmallow, even though the company released it at the end of 2016, so after the Nougat release. Everybody knows that Xiaomi is not famous for offering fast OS updates, but this time it seems they simply had to, since more and more people say that their Xiaomi Mi Box receive the Android Nougat system.

Rollout details

Apparently the rollout is not really a massive one, but a waves one. In the recent weeks people reported the update, but there are more coming, thus hinting to this possibility. In fact, one user posted an image on Reddit showing that their Mi Box device was running the latest Android version, namely Nougat.

It is natural that the company first decided to bring the update to people who belonged to the beta testing group dedicated to the Mi Box. This happened before the release of the device. Regarding the rest of the users, they should receive the update soon, after the beta testers do their job with it. The point here is for Xiaomi to solve bugs and improve the performance of the device, which is in everybody’s interest, obviously.

For now, the company did not announce anything about the mass rollout, but if you are one of the Mi Box users, you should be checking regularly the updating tool. At least now we know that Xiaomi will just take some more time before bringing the update to all the users.

Currently, most Android TV devices run Android Marshmallow. The exception consists in the Nvidia shield devices, the 2015 and 2017 editions that now run Android Nougat. However, the Mi Box will soon join the ranks of the devices that run the latest version of the operating system, and fans can only be glad about it.

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