Apple vs. Samsung vs. Android Payment Services – Differences and Advantages

Paying with your mobile device is no longer the future, they are a normal thing nowadays and no longer are the subject for what is the most advanced way you can pay for different things.

With the advent of smart-watches, the question of being able to pay with these devices has been integral in their design style. As is with most things, the various types of Smartwatches have their differences but they are not that radical that switching from one to another will cause issues in understanding one from the other.

The main three services which will probably be used by most smartwatch users are going to be the Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and the Android Pay services.

A first thing to note is where exactly these services are supported. As of this time, Samsung Pay is still not available in the UK, but Apple Pay and Android Pay work without issue in both the UK and the US. When we look at smartphone compatibility goes, Apple Pay will only function with an Apple Watch and subsequently an iPhone.

With all three services, your card has to be verified prior to actually spending money. There are small differences in all 3 of them but the processes should not take long and in all situations it will be required of you to do some setting up on the smartphone.

Android Pay, will let you assign a button on the side of the swatch so you can initiate the payment without complications. When tapped, it will bring up the Pay option and the possibility to switch between different cards that you might have set up. Then you have to hold your wrist on the terminal, while making sure the swatch is aligned properly with the NFC point and wait for a confirmation. It takes a bit of practicing but nothing too difficult.

As far as Apple Pay is concerned, you need to double tap the side button and the hold the watch up to the reader. It functions similarly to its Android counterpart as far as aligning works.

Samsung Pay has an extra feature included by way of Magnetic Strip Transactions, or MST in short. This will help with terminals which have a magnetic strip reader. With a bit of tapping of the watch against the terminal, the payment process will begging.

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