Canon EOS M6 vs. EOS M5 – Reasons for Choosing the Newer Camera

The Canon EOS M6 was released this February, and this month it’s going to hit the market. Users of the older versions are probably taking into consideration an upgrade, and we’re here to let you know all about the reasons for which choosing the more professional camera is your best option.

We can simply say this the short way: the new Canon EOS M6 is the Canon EOS M5 lacking the built-in viewfinder. This is a knife with two sharp edges: a good one and a bad one, but it’s mostly bad for more reasons. The Canon EOS M6 is practically the direct successor of the EOS M3 even if it fills the gap between the M3 and M5.

The main difference between the M6 and the M5 is the absence of the built-in EVF that the M5 used to sport. Of course, you still have the optional detachable EVF for M6. It’s good to know that one of the reasons behind designing the M6 the way they did is to make the M5 more accessible.

M5 and M6 have very similar features and specs: a 24 MP APS-C sensor, a Digic 7 processor, and the 3-inch touchscreen display. M6, on the other hand, sports an additional Bluetooth, connectivity feature for Wi-Fi, and also NFC.

If you choose to sacrifice the M5’s built-in viewfinder for M6 will get you the newest mirrorless for $899 with the 15-45mm lens kit. If you choose the option featuring a Body only, you’ll have to pay $799, and if you opt for the one with a zoom lens of 18-150mm you’ll have to snatch $1,279 from your wallet.

You can get the Canon EOS M5 from most online stores with $1,099 with the standard lens kit, and you’ll have to pay more if you choose the prime or zoom lens bundled. EVF is the reason for the extra $200. But if you don’t really need the EVF, you’ll find this deal very nice, the only downside being the fact that when you take shots in extremely lit areas, everything will become poorly seen due to glaring.

The Canon EOS M6 is a good choice, offering users more flexibility mostly on expenditure, and it will definitely be a better and a more controlled investment.

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