Clash Royale Beginner Guide of Better Attacks and Defends

More than one year has passed since the Clash Royale game has been released for iOS and Android platforms, but it seems that there are still new players that are just starting to play this strategy card game. Today we will give you some simple tips that will help you in this popular game.

Join A Clan

After you reach King Level 3, you have the possibility to join a clan a we suggest you to do that. It is very important to be in a clan and that’s for some many reasons such as:

  • Ability to request cards from your clan members, which can help you to level up your favorite cards a bit quicker than randomly waiting for them to appear in your Victory chests;
  • Ability to gain gold and King level points faster by donating extra card to the clan members;
  • By increasing the King Level your tower’s HP will be boosted;
  • Ability to share strategies with your clan mates and play friendly matches with them for free.

Attacking In Pairs

As you start learning the game, you will notice that it is not an inspired move to send one troop type all alone on the table. Instead of doing that, you will have to wait for your elixir to charge up so that you will be able to drop at least two troops (cards) at one time to maximize their effectiveness.

Try To Guess The Opponent’s Battle Deck

It will be quite hard to guess your opponent’s battle deck after you start playing this game. But once you gain enough experience, you will start learning the popular battle decks and at the same time start guessing which one of them your opponent might use. Once you know that, you will know how you can counter his cards, which is a big advantage in this game.

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