Clash Royale Tricks For Reaching the Legendary Arena Easier

The Legendary Arena aka Arena 11 is one of the most wanted tiers in Clash Royale, but it’s also pretty hard to find due to the game’s fluctuating meta and competitive nature. You should know that the Legendary Arena starts at 3,800 trophies – quite a mind-blowing number.

But, don’t you worry because we brought you some cool insights and tips to help you get there!

Learning Popular Cards

As the meta is always fluctuating thanks to Supercell who imposes a monthly balance update, you really need to learn the most popular card on each tier, in order to climb to the top. The most effective way to find updated meta cards, is to tune in to Supercell’s TV Royale. You can also watch the competitive streamers online.


Gold is vital in Clash Royale and you use it mainly to upgrade cards which are essential in winning matches. For optimizing your deck, you have to upgrade the cards to tournament standard. So spend your gold as wisely as you can, and upgrade those cards. Again, check Supercell’s TV Royale to find out which cards to prioritize.

Joining a Guild

Guilds are essential for improving your efficiency. This is where you can freely practice a great deal of strategies and gameplay via the Friendly Battle. Before you build your deck, we recommend you try out all kinds of tactics in Friendly Battle, because this is the best way to grasp the full efficiency of each and every one of the cards and decks.

Pay attention to competitive battles

Watch and learn! We strongly advise you to observe the most competitive streamers because they’ll provide various tactics and insights that you might not be familiar with yet. The best places for doing so are TV Royale and YouTube, as they offer basic to very advanced strategies on cards and decks.

Try these tips and tell us if they got you where you wanted: to the Legendary Arena!

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