Google Play Store 7.7.08 Easy to Install with Powerful Improvements

Google Play Store is the app that holds all other apps, and owning an Android device couldn’t function without it. The Play Store is where you’ll find all the apps you need and want to install on your phone, plus many many others your probably haven’t thought of yet. The app is maintained by Google itself, and has always run pretty much unhindered. With the release of the new version 7.7.08 to all Android devices, let’s take a look at what the improved Play Store brings new to the table.

What’s New on Play Store 7.7.08

Actually, there isn’t a whole lot new brought with the new version of Google Play Store. And seeing as Google has also skipped the changelog for this one, we can only assume all it does is fix minor bugs and modestly improve the app’s performance. However, this isn’t necessarily disappointing news. It may very well imply that a bigger update for the Play Store is coming soon, one that we won’t forget about too soon. This current update is possibly just laying the groundwork and getting devices fully ready for the huge update that is to come.

If you want the new update on your device, you can go about it two ways. The simpler option is to wait for it to be rolled out to your device over-the-air, but this can take some time. If you just can’t resist and want to have it now, you can download it from a mirror. The new Google Play Store version 7.7.08 is about 18MB in size (17.98MB to be exact), and can be found under build number 80770800. What is more, the update can be installed on any Android device that has an OS version of 4.0 or higher.

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