Mozilla Firefox 57 Update Available with New User Interface

According to reports, Mozilla is currently working on a new user interface that it will be introduced once the Firefox version 57 will be released. The new user interface will actually be named “Photon” and it will come with many new features, designs, rectangular tabs that will replace tabs, new tab page and more.

The address bar will now include a three-dot menu at one end, which will come with several other buttons that do various tasks, such as:

  • Email Link;
  • Copy URL;
  • Save to Pocket (Mozilla has recently purchased this service);
  • Send to Device;
  • Share;
  • Screenshot;
  • Extension X;
  • Set a Reminder.

In addition, the new tab page seems to include “Activity Stream,” a feature that is currently tested on the Test Pilot program. The screenshot option that’s found in the three-dot menu is also being tested in the mentioned program. Mozilla will probably use the Test Pilot project to test out new features now so that they can be introduced along with the Photon overhaul.

We have to mention that this is the first overhaul that Firefox will receive since 2014, when Mozilla has introduced the “Australis” interface with its curvy tabs. In November 2017, the Firefox version 57 is expected to be released along with “Photon” interface, which will surely please all the users who’ve hated the curvy tabs.

If everything goes as planed and the release is not delayed, early testers should be able to get their hands on the new interface in August 2017, when Firefox version 57 enters the Aurora channel. It seems that Firefox version 57 will also be the first release that will support only “Firefox web extensions,” meaning that many “classic” add-ons will not be available for it.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Firefox version 57 and the “Photon” interface?

1 thought on “Mozilla Firefox 57 Update Available with New User Interface”

  1. First of all, please let me compliment Nenea Costia on this well-written and accurate article. This is to be expected from TNHOnline, and that’s one reason I love this site and its authors and users.

    As far as the “future” of Firefox goes and my thoughts on what Mozilla is doing, let’s just say that ***IF*** I even use Firefox after 57 goes live, and that’s VERY doubtful considering how much they’ve decided to brown-nose Shmoogle and chrome especially, and won’t allow developers to create actual extensions by (ironically) adopting the WebExtensions API and *requiring* its use, I won’t be updating to 57. I’m currently researching a way to completely disallow upgrading, no matter what disgusting tricks they come up with. An alternative and much better solution would be to fork Firefox and continue supporting XUL/XPCOM, as Sea Monkey and Pale Moon are doing, as far as they say. Yes, a lot of people don’t like Australis. I personally do, but from the hundreds of comments I’ve read by developers, mainly (the people who make add-ons, importantly), Mozilla will have to either hire its own add-on developers or there won’t *be* any new add-ons, except for the sorry excuses for add-ons that chrome offers, since everyone is so obsessed with chrome lately. I’ve read maybe three (out of approximately 400) comments that are actually positive in nature concerning the HUGE changes in the number of features Firefox will allow in extensions. They’re basically tying our hands behind our back. And for the people who like that kind of thing, why don’t they just use Chrome, which has done that all along, and ditch Mozilla, especially since, as this article describes, the new UI will likely be a mirror image of the featureless, blank and *too* minimalistic chrome.

    If anyone does actually stick with firefox, they’ll be very few in number. Pushing e10s (multi-threading) on developers was a huge mistake without taking the time to let us get used to it beforehand, but to then completely alter the browser less than 2 years later WILL prove fatal. Get ready to join Netscape, Firefox.

    The people who still use Firefox are pretty few in number, already. The majority of us are (or, like me, *were*, until we heard about the end of Open browsing and last bastion of freedom for the Open Web, XUL/XPCOM) die-hard Mozilla fans who remained because Mozilla was the only organization who told Chrome to stuff it and didn’t bow down to them. Now, according to Mozilla themselves, they’re doing everything they possibly can to “Increase chrome parity”, i.e., become a copy of Chrome. Hypocritical fools. I can’t wait to see their reaction when they *finally* realize the stupidity of this mistake, despite how many times they’ve repeatedly heard (and ignored, blatantly) complaints, advice and even *pleas* from me and fellow developers, as well as many regular end-users. I mean no offense to anyone who doesn’t mind their browsing freedom being taken away. In fact, I feel sorry for them. But most of us do, at least on the other sites I’ve read articles (and responses) on.

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