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Mozilla Firefox 57 Update Available with New User Interface

According to reports, Mozilla is currently working on a new user interface that it will be introduced once the Firefox version 57 will be released. The new user interface will actually be named “Photon” and it will come with many new features, designs, rectangular tabs that will replace tabs, new tab page and more.

The address bar will now include a three-dot menu at one end, which will come with several other buttons that do various tasks, such as:

  • Email Link;
  • Copy URL;
  • Save to Pocket (Mozilla has recently purchased this service);
  • Send to Device;
  • Share;
  • Screenshot;
  • Extension X;
  • Set a Reminder.

In addition, the new tab page seems to include “Activity Stream,” a feature that is currently tested on the Test Pilot program. The screenshot option that’s found in the three-dot menu is also being tested in the mentioned program. Mozilla will probably use the Test Pilot project to test out new features now so that they can be introduced along with the Photon overhaul.

We have to mention that this is the first overhaul that Firefox will receive since 2014, when Mozilla has introduced the “Australis” interface with its curvy tabs. In November 2017, the Firefox version 57 is expected to be released along with “Photon” interface, which will surely please all the users who’ve hated the curvy tabs.

If everything goes as planed and the release is not delayed, early testers should be able to get their hands on the new interface in August 2017, when Firefox version 57 enters the Aurora channel. It seems that Firefox version 57 will also be the first release that will support only “Firefox web extensions,” meaning that many “classic” add-ons will not be available for it.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Firefox version 57 and the “Photon” interface?

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Seän Shepherd
Seän Shepherd

First of all, please let me compliment Nenea Costia on this well-written and accurate article. This is to be expected from TNHOnline, and that’s one reason I love this site and its authors and users. As far as the “future” of Firefox goes and my thoughts on what Mozilla is doing, let’s just say that ***IF*** I even use Firefox after 57 goes live, and that’s VERY doubtful considering how much they’ve decided to brown-nose Shmoogle and chrome especially, and won’t allow developers to create actual extensions by (ironically) adopting the WebExtensions API and *requiring* its use, I won’t be… Read more »