Apple iOS 10.3.1 – Is it Worth Upgrading to?

During the last two months, Apple has launched about 7 beta tests for the new 10.3 patch. Seven days after that release, we have been presented with a new iOS 10.3.1 patch which apparently is dedicated to fixing various bugs and security issues. This could come to some as a somewhat worrisome upgrade and others are being quite skeptical as to what is happening.

iOS 10.3.1 is designed to work for all iOS 10 compatible phones and devices and you can manually start the update by going into the Settings, followed by General and after that the Software Update. This is to be done in case you haven’t been automatically notified regarding the new update.

According to reports, the 30% Battery Bug has not been fully fixed despite Apple’s continuous protests that it has been solved in iOS 10.2.1. In other parts of the Apple Communities, there have been reports that the Touch ID had some failures, emails not able to be downloaded and that the 5Ghz WiFi bug has not been fixed.

There hasn’t been any new features added since this is just a minor upgrade and this has been reinforced by the fact that Apple did not even release any release notes for this upgrades. At most, we only been informed that it just included, as mentioned earlier, just bug and security fixes.

Apple already is working on the new iOS 10.3.2 and we already have a week old beta in testing. This one will also be a ‘’minor point update’’ and it is expected to focus just on new fixes rather than any new feature. Hopefully, it will address the battery and WiFi bugs which have affected the users for too many months now.

This begs the question if there is any point in upgrading to the iOS 10.3.1 or just wait for the new one to arrive.

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