Google Chrome vs. UC Browser: Is Chrome the Most Effective Mobile Browser?

When talking about mobile browsers, it’s no secret that Google Chrome is number one in everyone’s preferences. And all for good reason, because the app is one of the best in terms of browsing effectively from the comfort of your smartphone, anywhere and anytime. And while many have tried in the past to beat Google Chrome in the race for best mobile browser ever, none have succeeded so far. However, as of late, a new contender seems to quickly make its way through the rank, and it now manages to come in at a close second behind Google Chrome. We’re talking about UC Browser, of course.

If you’re a tech enthusiast and are up-to-date on any technology-related news, then you already might be debating whether or not you should trade your beloved and trusted Google Chrome for the new and shiny UC Browser. Here’s a small comparison to help you decide.


The main advantage Chrome has in the race against UC Browser is provided by its incognito mode. This allows you to be extra-safe when surfing the web. On top of that, your location and cookies won’t be tracked by websites if you surf in incognito mode.

At the other end of the scales, we have UC Browser’s special Download Manager, which is the most optimized of its kind among mobile browsers. The download speed is through the roof, and loading pages won’t be affected either.


The main advantage Chrome offers in term of availability is that it’s also available on desktops. However, UC Browser is planning to release a Windows 10 version. However, while Chrome is only available for iOS and Android, UC Browser supports them, as well as Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile on top.

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