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iOS 10.3 Update Comes With iCloud Bug and Other Software Issues

With Apple releasing the new iOS 10.3 update last week, a lot of neat little features were added to the company’s in-house operating system. For example, Siri now shows live scores from the International Cricket Council matches, as well as the Indian Premier League. However, while old bugs were fixed, new ones were also introduced. This is a risk that comes with any minor or major OS update; remember the coding is done by humans, not machines, so errors are inevitable.

What Happened?

This time around, the problem seems to be related to the iCloud service. It is believed that the update accidentally turns on various iCloud services that were previously disabled by users. In a nutshell, the new iOS 10.3 enables settings in your iCloud you didn’t want to be enabled. Oh well.

Apple quickly e-mailed some users in order to inform them of the glitch, and strongly advised them to carefully check their iCloud setting to see if they had been affected by the bug. However, seeing as this is a software issue, there might be many more users affected by it than Apple initially messaged. If you haven’t received an e-mail from the company, we still strongly recommend you check your iCloud settings and make sure that what you had previously disabled hasn’t been automatically turned on with the iOS 10.3 update.

Another Update to Fix Everything

Fortunately, Apple quickly jumped in to remediate the issue, and rolled out the iOS 10.3.1 update just a few days after the 10.3 fiasco. This even newer update aims to fix the iCloud bug, and by all accounts it seems to manage to do so. It also fixes some other lingering security glitches, as well as other bugs and oddities. All in all, Apple seems to have handled the situation pretty well.

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