Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gets Latest Android Security Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 seems to have remained the only Note device that doesn’t explode and is still on offer. It is even better since it’s now receiving the update to the Android 7.0 Nougat in the US. In fact, Sprint is the first American carrier to roll out the latest update for the Note 5 version they offer. Previously, the update has been brought to the phone in other parts of the world too.

Update details

If you are one of the Note 5 users who also uses Sprint, you will receive a very big update. Droid Life reported that the Nougat update will weigh 1.4 GB, which is pretty much. It goes without saying that you should use a Wi-Fi connection when you intend to download and install the update. The update wears the version number N920PVPU3DQC5.

Besides the Nougat OS, you will also receive the March 2017 security patch released for Android. Moreover, it will come together with the newest version of the TouchWix UX skin. Just like you did before, you can go to the Settings app and see if the update is available to you. However, if you don’t find it there, don’t panic! There might still be a couple of days until the file reaches every user.

Future hopes

Most likely, this is just the beginning of the Nougat update in the US. People are expecting other major carriers to start releasing the update for their users very soon. Moreover, fans are hoping that Samsung will bring the Nougat update to the unlocked version of the Note 5 as well. Up until now, people who have installed the update seem to be happy with the addition. OF course, they still have to discover lots of features, but all in all it’s a good step forward.

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