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Pokemon Go Update Available With Fixes Aimed at Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon Go has just received an update on its popular platforms, namely the iOS and Android handheld devices. And as such, we shall explore the particularities of the update.

The update has been announced on Thursday on the Niantic website in the evening for both the Android and iOS devices. Judging by the patch notes, the update has introduced a new selectable language in the game, namely the Traditional Chinese language.

Besides this, Pokemon Go players will rejoice to find out that the collection screen scroll bar has received a much needed update in this version.

Lastly, the update also includes various little bug fixes. While they do not specify what exactly has been fixed by this, it is typically expected of Niantic that when they use such descriptions in their patch notes we can safely assume that these fixes are aimed at Pokemon trainers who’ve only experienced some very specific light issues and not major game-breaking issues which are shared by the entire Pokemon GO community and going into detail about them would be pointless.

Pokemon Go has not seen an update on both iOS and Android since almost 3 weeks ago, the previous update having gone live on the 21st of March.

There are some which are often looking in more detail through the code of the update, and as such they sometimes discover various pieces of information which give a good idea as to what Niantic is planning in their future releases. This is exactly how the fans have found out about the ‘’buddy’’ system which Niantic was working on for quite a few weeks before it was even announced.

Mostly likely, we will find out more about the future of Pokemon Go as soon as this update goes live and vigilant code hunters will start working on sifting through the update.

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