Pokémon Go Tips on Hatching Eggs Without Even Standing Up

Pokémon Go is still a very popular game, even if it doesn’t have as many players as it had at its launch. As most of you already know, in order to play Pokémon Go, you will need to go out a lot with your smartphone, to either find new Pokémon or hatch incubating eggs.

At the same time, the developers have managed to patch the game and it is now detecting you whenever you use your car to “walk” around the city. So, the players are now forced to either walk or use their bike (or other forms of slow transportation) for either 2km, 5km or even 10km to hatch these eggs.

We should mention that the most common Pokémon can be hatched in just 2km, but for the rarest one you will have to walk for 10km, which means that it will take a while and your legs will be tired after a “trip” like this.

Well, don’t worry, because Rusty Cage, a well known YouTuber, has figured out how you can hatch an egg without even walking. According to Rusty, if you place your smartphone on top of a record player and let it spin around, your walking distance will increase very fast without having to do anything else.

We have to mention that there are thousands of users who are noticing the positive effect that the Pokémon Go has had on their health. For example, one user admitted that he was a “bit overweight” before starting playing this game and now it is already lighter by a few kilograms since he had to go out more often and walk around the city.

However, if you are a player who doesn’t like to go out too much, you can always use the trick used by Rusty.

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