Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available with Stage 3D

The Adobe Flash Player version 25 is an application runtime that offers an uncompromised way of viewing the expressive apps, content or videos over various mobiles, browsers, OSs or devices. It is a high performance one, it weighs very little and it is definitely helpful. It supports native 64-bit OS and browsers, together with an asynchronous bitmap decoding, an accelerated graphics rendering, high-res bitmap support and others.

New additions

It is particularly useful for businesses, since they can deliver richer customer experiences over several digital touch points. You can move the content easily between the browsers, independent apps and native OS in order to reach people easier on whatever device they use. But what else does it bring new?

One of the most important additions is the Stage 3D. It uses accelerated GPU rendering, which in turn leverages the power of the DirectX and OpenGL graphics. This helps you build amazing 2D and 3D games, which is awesome! Another improvement is the enhancements made to the mouse control. With the help of infinite scrolling, relative mouse coordinates and mouse lock, you can create panoramic and/or immersive games.

Concurrency is another improved point. This helps you create more responsive games and content that performs better with ActionScript users and a shared support for ByteArray. Moreover, the new version offers full screen support paired with full keyboard support over several browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, plus OS such as Mac and Windows.

The team also took care of quality and they came up with HD quality video options compatible with standard codecs such as H2.64, MP3 and AAC. This connects with a high quality of service when it comes to streaming video, based on support for HDS and RTMP streaming standards and progressive video. As such, they deliver the content in a flexible and efficient manner.

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