Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Brings New Texture Sets, Skins and More

Today we see an update released for Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPad and iPhone. The update includes an interesting Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack, plus other fascinating things, such as new texture sets, 26 new skins and more goodies.

Official Upgrades

From the official description, we see that you have to explore the ancient cities and to wonder at the dragons and giant pandas. The new texture set changes the building blocks by adding new beautiful patterns. At the same time, it converts weepy ghasts into a couple of grinning demons.

Besides all this, the pack comes together with an original soundtrack made by Gareth Coker. The music could be found on the Minecraft blog since a couple of months ago. The good news is that you can buy the soundtrack separately and stream it on Spotify.

Fixes and Improvements

However, the new additions are not the only ones that were included in the update, but we can also see some fixes and improvements. Among these, we mention the fact that the Worlds section was added to the Store, together with the Redstone Mansion map, which is free. At the same time, you can now tame and ride the skeleton horses that spawned from traps.

The developers also corrected the jump range of slimes, brought back the idle sounds to the baby mobs and scaled properly with Add-Ons the snow golem pumpkin heads. Finally, they also fixed the bug where the game did not start on particular Android devices.

You can find the version 1.0.6 of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPad and iPhone on the App Store, together with the full list of the new changes. This news comes after another Microsoft announcement made public yesterday. The latter said that the game will have a community-driven Marketplace that lets players buy and sell content inside the game.

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