Facebook Lite Update Download Available with New Fixes and Data

Facebook Lite is an application that has been developed for mobile devices that don’t have the best specifications. In other words, if you have a low-budget Android handset and you want to keep in touch with your Facebook friends, then we suggest you to install the Facebook Lite application instead of Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications.

The Facebook Lite is using less memory and it runs without any issues on any Android device. In addition, it also uses less data, which is great especially if you don’t have too much mobile data included in your monthly plan or if you are in a location where the internet connection is not that good.

To make things even better, it allows you to send private messages on Facebook without having to install the “Facebook Messenger” application. The bad news is that Facebook Lite doesn’t support video or voice calling features, but that should not be a problem for the users with limited data (as both of these features will drain you out of mobile data  after a few minutes).

The latest Facebook Lite version that has been released for Android devices is and it can already be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Even if the new version of the application doesn’t come with new features and options, we suggest you to install it immediately, as it fixes some of the bugs and issues.

Facebook Lite How To Install On Your Android Device

  • Open the Google Play Store App on your Android device;
  • Search for Facebook Lite and tap the “INSTALL” or “UPDATE” button;
  • Once the installation is complete, use your mobile phone number/email address and password to log into your Facebook account.

Have you ever used Facebook Lite on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about this application!

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