Clash Royale Leaked Insane Draft Challenge with New Improvements

Clash Royale, if you haven’t heard about it, is a fast paced PvP where you have to collect Clash troops and to destroy with them the opponent’s towers. It has become extremely popular among people worldwide, especially the players who don’t to wait forever in order to train their troops. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of a game is the fact that it uses cards.

Upcoming Cards in the Game

After the Bandit card that arrived in the context of the Bandit Draft Challenge that took place last month, it seems that players will get to enjoy a new challenge very soon. The upcoming challenge will be named the Insane Draft Challenge, and it will bring us the next new card, namely the Night Witch.

Reports show that users will be able to get the new card inside the Insane Draft Challenge, which will let you use double elixir and the options of choosing any deck. For now we don’t know how many wins you need before unlocking the Dark Witch (the Night Witch is being known as the Dark Witch in Arena 8). Unlike a regular witch, the Dark Witch usually spawns bats, not skeletons. It can be really useful if you know when to use it.

The recent leaks have also shown the rewards for each win. These are Giant safe, 20 dark prince cards, followed by 100 gems, 5000 gold, and lastly, the Night Witch. Despite this, the information was obtained by mining data from the files, while Supercell did not make any official announcement about the formal release date of the Insane Draft Challenge. As such, there is also the possibility that the company may experiment with stuff before releasing the challenge as a public update, so don’t believe everything you see online.

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