Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be Launched on Nintendo Switch

There are many rumors all over the internet about the upcoming “Final Fantasy 7 remake” title. However, none of the rumors has been confirmed yet and there are many fans who are now waiting for the developers to finally reveal some official information about this title.

Until now, the developers have given us some “blurry” details about the gameplay and the features of this upcoming game. At the same time, is not yet known on what platforms the “Final Fantasy 7 remake” will be released.

However, Yosuke Matsuda, CEO at Square Enix, has given us some hints regarding the platforms that will support this upcoming title. During an interview, Matsuda has admitted that the developers from Square Enix are looking into some consoles, including the Nintendo Switch one. In fact, Matsuda added that the company is doing its best to port all its new titles to the Nintendo Switch.

The bad news is that Matsuda has not confirmed which titles will be released for the mentioned console. However, fans of the “Final Fantasy Remake” are now hoping that this upcoming game will be in the list. We think that the developers will actually make a pretty good move by bringing this title to the Nintendo Switch.

Even if Nintendo Switch is quite easy, its popularity is growing at a fast pace and we think that there will be many players who will purchase the “Final Fantasy 7 remake” for their newly purchased console.

In other news, The Verge has reported that a Final Fantasy VII player has managed to reach level 99 in the game after spending about 500 hours in the game. The player’s name is CirclMastr and it seems that after spending so many hours in the game, he has finally managed to reach this level.

Do you think that the “Final Fantasy Remake” will be released for the Nintendo Switch?

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  1. Final Fantasy 7 should be released on the Nintendo Switch! If not, I’m still enjoying Breath of the Wild, and will still enjoy the hell out of it for many years to come! It’s the companies loss whoever doesn’t put their games on the Switch! The Nintendo Switch is Amazing!

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