Clash Royale April Balancing Update – Expectations and Reality

Supercell is expected to release a new balancing update for the Clash Royale game today (April 19, 2017). The fans of this popular game are now preparing to see what they need to change in their decks in order to be as competitive as before.

According to reports, the developers have been paying attention to feedback from fans and they’ve assured the players that more balancing updates will be released from time to time in order to ensure better gameplay and fun gaming experience.

It seems that this balancing update will, first of all, nerf four of the cards that most of the players have been complaining about (Elite Barbarians, Furnace, Royal Giant and E-wiz).

Elite Barbarians: 4% Less Hitpoints

First of all, Elite Barbarians card will have its hitpoints reduced by 4% and its initial attack will be 0.1 slower.

Furnace: 5% Less Hitpoints

Another card that will receive a nerf is “Furance,” as according to rumors, it will have its hitpoints reduced by 5%.

Royal Giant: Deploy Time Increased To 2 Seconds

Currently, the Royal Giant’s deploy time is 1 second, but after the balance update, it will be increased to two seconds. This means that the defender will have a little more time to react to Royal Giants played at the bridge or on the side of the player’s Arena (once a tower is destroyed).

Electro Wizard: Lower Hit Speed

You will also notice that the Electro Wizard card will get its speed reduced by 0.1 sec. This will reduce the damage and control that this ranged support troop card had.

Goblin Hut: 5% More Hitpoints

The Goblin Hut will receive a buff of 5% more hitpoints that will allow it to stay alive longer than before. In combination with the “Furnace” card, this Goblin Hut card will be pretty good for attacking your enemy.

Executioner: 6% More Damage

The bugs of Executioner card have been fixed and it seems that the developer will now boost the damage of it by 6%, which is quite a big boost.

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