Clash Royale Balance Changes Latest Update

Information in regards to Supercell’s latest update has shown some balance changes, especially in regards to four of the most complained about cards. These cards are the Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant, E-Wiz and the Furnace and it will be interesting to see if this nerf will reduce the use of these cards to a considerable degree or just a small decrease.

Royal Giant

The change that has been done to the Royal Giant is related to its deploy time, which has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds. This will hopefully give the defenders more time to react to the Royal Giants being deployed in the pocket or at the bridge.  This being the most common tactics when using him, while also being supported by minions and spells.  This most likely will not reduce the overall usage rate for the Royal Giant, but will make him a little less effective in tournaments.

Elite Barbarians

The Elite Barbarians have received a reduction in overall hitpoints by 4%, as well as a slower initial attack by 0.1 seconds. These changes will help opponents deal with the Elite Barbarians a bit easier but they will still be a considerable threat to larger opponents on the defense.


The furnace is a really strong support for your offensive units, however it was considered that the hitpoints it had made it a bit unbalanced. Therefore, the small tweak reduced its hitpoints with by 5%. This will hopefully make the card a little less of an annoyance to deal with.

Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard, originally, had too much control and damage for a support card. Therefore, a lower hit speed will balance it out without killing off its support potential.

This attack speed reduction also results in a 10% dps and this counts as an entire card level.

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