GTA 5 and The Walking Dead Season 8 – What does it have in common?

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Fans of Steven Ogg will probably know him from Grand Theft Auto 5, as there is where he plays the role of Trevor, one of the main characters. However, he recently has appeared in AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead. Met with initial great appreciation from the fans, it has known been announced that his presence in the TV program will be greatly expanded in the upcoming season.

According to reports from Variety, Steven Ogg was one of three actors that was promoted as a regular in the series’ next season. Ogg plays the role of Simon, who is a member of the Savior group and Negan’s right-hand man. We also know from GamesRadar that the two other actors that are going to be promoted to regulars in the series are Pollyanna McIntosh and Katelyn Nacon.

What we know so far is that the Season 8 for the Walking Dead will be focused on the war between Rick’s group and the Saviors, who are led by Negan. The fact that the three actors have been raised as regulars in the series suggest that they will most likely play a more important role in the new season. This should not be a problem for Steven Ogg since he is not unfamiliar with TV roles. He’s been part of Westworld and Better Call Saul.

Season 8 for The Walking Dead is expected to launch later this year, though there has not been any official premiere date yet announced. Season 7 has recently finished this month and has seen a lot of controversy, especially since the show has lost some of its most beloved characters at the hands of Negan, in a very brutal fashion as well.