World of Warcraft Recent HotFix Updates and Changes

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Starting with April 17, WoW brought some changes to the Portal Disruptors. Some hotfixes can be used right away, but some have to wait until the scheduled realm restarts. For example, on Broken Shore, the developers changed the enemies found next to the Nether Portal Disruptors. Now they will drop more Legionfall War Supplies, together with Dauntless tokens. However, they won’t be bringing any Tier 1 Sentinax beacons or Netherchunks.

But Why Are They Making These Changes?

According to the official patch notes that were released, the developers explained that they wanted to make this changes because they wanted to be sure that the enemies attracted by the Nether Portal Disruptors, as well as the disruptors in themselves remain attractive and interesting, without distracting players from other options. As such, they don’t want players to pay attention only to the Nether Disruptor on the Broken Shore, for example.

What is changed here is the fact that instead of being something that you have to wait for, the disruptor represents a “solid extra” that you can add to your activities whenever it’s available.

Are There Any Other Updates?

Indeed, there are also other updates included in the HotFix. For instance, we can see that the Witchmatron Magora has a more frequent rate of respawning. Moreover, it has more abilities and is generally sturdier than before.

Besides, the classes have also received updates to the mechanics. For example, the Mage class has been update with an increase of 6% in the damage of all abilities. This is also paired with maintenance in each region. The Hunter class gets an increase of 4% to the damage of these abilities: Arcane Shot, Aimed Shot, Volley, Piercing Shot, Marked Shot, Multi-Shot, Bursting Shot, Murder of Crows, Barrage, Sidewinders etc. You can find all the details in the official changelog.