Pokémon GO Receives A New Update That Fixes Issues Regarding Botters and Spoofers

The Double XP Easter event has ended, but Niantic has just released a server-side update that will make the life harder for botters and spoofers that want to obtain Pokémon with perfect IVs (individual value).

We have to remind you that Niantic has also announced on its Twitter account that the developers are making efforts to fight against cheaters. We remind you that in the previous versions of the game, when a Pokémon was encountered in the wild, it had the exact same IVs and moveset no matter who encountered it. In other words, the only stat that was different was the CP.

This means that the botters and spoofers were just flying around the world catching 100% IV Pokémon, by using fake GPS and teleporting all over the map. Well, thanks to the latest update, the cheating will be harder for both botters and spoofers that play Pokémon Go, as they will get a random IVs and movesets when they find a new Pokémon.

However, this can be quite annoying for legit gamers, who have played this game without using cheating tools until now, as they will have a really hard time finding a 100% IV Pokémon.

This update can be good for most of the players who already have 100% IV Pokémon. However, for the legit players who have never cheated in this game and who don’t have too many good Pokémon, this update can be quite frustrating. In other words, there are high chances that some of those players will leave this game because of this update.

Are you playing Pokémon Go on your mobile device? Do you think that there will be some players that will just leave this game because of the latest server-side update?

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