Google Play Store My apps Revamp with Better Improvements

Recently, Google Play Store has received an update that revamped the ‘My Apps & Games’ section. Now you can see that it looks much more organized and it’s much easier to use. All the Android users can now see their apps placed in separate categories: Installed, Updates, Library and Beta. If you didn’t sign up for the beta program you won’t see the ‘Beta’ category.

Is the New Setup Better?

Naturally, it is far better to have this tab organized. You can now see some more relevant info right upfront, for example you can see details such as an estimated timeline of when you used the app last, plus a size of the update. But perhaps the most important change is the fact that you can sort the installed apps alphabetically or after last used, size or last updated. Moreover, the lists are now more spaced out, thus looking more appealing.

The updates in the ‘My apps & games’ category now list all the apps installed on the smartphone, including the update size for each. You can find this detail just below the name of each app. You can either update all of them or individually by choosing the button found next to each app. You also have a list with the recently updated ones, for example.

The biggest advantage with the ‘Installed’ tab is the fact that now it’s easier for you to choose which apps to uninstall, if you haven’t used them in a while. Moreover, there is no ‘Subscriptions’ tab anymore. Now you can launch the apps immediately if you tap on the ‘Open’ button on each individual app. Before, you have to first view the app on the Store listing page and then open them.

Up until now, people seem delighted with the new changes and are anxious to see what else is there in Store for them!

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