Rumored Date and Price for the Surface Pro 5

Recently, Microsoft has been the leader of the apps segment, but there were no recent news about any release. Many rumors and leaks showed that the tech giant might be working now on the upcoming version of the 2-in-1 device (both a laptop and a tablet) which will be released under the name Surface Pro 5.


Naturally, there is no official mention about the specs it’s going to include yet, but we sure know that the Surface Pro 5 is going to be an upgrade from the previous model. However, people expect the upcoming product to run on an Intel Kaby Lake processor. It should also come with various options regarding the internal storage and RAM. Most likely, the product will rival the Apple MacBook directly and it will run on the latest update for Windows 10, named the Creators Update.

According to the Digitimes website, Microsoft as awarded the manufacturing license for Surface Pro 5 to the Pegatron company. It is the same producer of the Surface Studio, so we can assume Microsoft was satisfied with the result. Other specs show that the device will come with a 2K resolution display, an USB Type-C, plus a 16 GB RAM configuration.

Meanwhile, the PC Advisor UK website showed that the price would not change much. This is good news, and it would be excellent if the price for the Surface Pro 5 would be the same as for the Surface Pro 4. However, we still have no news about the release date.

There are other speculations claiming that we might see a showing for the device, but from what it looks like until now, instead of that we will receive some education software or hardware. Yet, we still have to wait for the official announcement this spring.

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