Clash of Clans Major Update to be Available Soon

Supercell has confirmed that the next update will be different than anything they have ever released in the history of the game.

Knowing this, the developer has disappointed the fans a little bit by announcing that the update is not quite ready for release yet and will be trying for release after the month of April 2017. According to their Facebook post, they are very excited to share more information regarding this but it is still not ready to go live with the update. It will be much bigger than any update they have released so far.

What is expected from the new update

Regardless of release date, this update will mostly likely mean huge improvements and new features and game mechanics in Clash of Clans. Ever since the game has been released, Supercell has been pushing big updates that attempted to tweak the elements of the game closer to perfection. They have added new game characters, clan wars and attack modes.

The new update is much anticipated since the recently released updates have been quite subtle in comparison to the former ones. Mostly they have been small improvements and bug fixes. As such, the next update is expected to be the biggest release the developer has made in months and hopes are high for what is it going to offer.


It is believed that the next Clash of Clans update will revolve around new sea related content. Rumors about mermaids, sea-related characters, sea monster and giant seahorses have been going around the internet since the last few months of 2016, culminating with a possible video showcasing a shipwreck in the game.

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