Avast vs. Panda vs. BitDefender Free Edition – Best 2017 Protection Comparison

It’s pretty obvious that we all love the Internet and all the devices we use by connecting them to it. We love downloading music or streaming it online, we love watching films and TV series from the comfort of our laptops or smart TVs, we love backing up our work on trustworthy online servers, we love shopping online and we love sharing all these things on social media. And it’s all possible due to one magic invention: the World Wide Web.

However, our strong love for the online world also comes with a great risk attached to it: cyber threats such as hackers or malware. But lucky for us, there are ways to protect ourselves from these dangers, and some of the best ones are also free. Here are the top three best free antivirus software programs of 2017. Enjoy!

  1. Avast

Avast is a longtime favorite of many Internet users from way back in the day. If you’ve had a computer for a while now, then you most likely used Avast before, because it’s been around forever. The neat thing about Avast is that it’s an intelligent antivirus software that has many neat tools at its disposal to ensure that your data is safe out there on the Internet. These tools include real-time threat detection software, a Wi-Fi inspector and Smart Scan, which does just what its name implies.

  1. Panda

Yes, the name sounds cute, but Panda Antivirus is anything but. In fact, it’s a force to be reckoned with due to its password management tools, data encryption feature and even parental control option. To sum it up, Panda has it all!

  1. BitDefender Free Edition

If you can’t afford spending actual cash on an antivirus but still want to try BitDefender out (because let’s face it, it’s the best out there), then rest assured: it comes in a Free Edition as well.

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