Android O Update Fights Ransomware and Improves Security

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At the 2017 installment of the Google I/O everybody is expecting the tech giant to offer people the first glimpse at the upcoming major Android update. Many people think that Android O will have subtle changes, even though one of them is directed to the security of the devices.

New Features to Surprise Customers

This extra protection will not be in fact a new feature, but it will be instead a combination of stopping things from happening on the devices that will be running this OS. Bleeping Computer reported in a recently published post that Android O will not allow regular apps to display various system alerts. Before thinking that this is a bad thing, you have to know that this tactic is extremely common among Android ransomware. With this strategy, users get locked out of their devices.

Thankfully, the major update will ban out at least 6 such alerts. Usually, Android splits permissions into two groups: normal and dangerous. With the new changes, the system adds a new level under the name of “above dangerous”. As such, the system alerts will now be placed in this category. This means that if an app that does not belong to the system will try to open one alert, the device will not allow this to happen.

It may not seem like such a major change, but truth is that it’s playing a great role in the security of your smartphone or tablet. As such, as a ransomware pusher, it will be much harder to trick people who are using Android. However, as a user you will also have to tinker with some settings to make sure that everything is in place and that your data is protected. Meanwhile, Google has also released some useful tips for being safe online.