Google Play Services 11 Download Available with Wi-Fi Improvements and New Features

In case you’re using your Android device in order to cast content such as audio or video to other devices including a connected speaker, or a TV, you might want to collect some fresh information involving what’s happening on your network.

According to a newly released report, it seems that the new Google Play Services update to version 11 includes the new Google Cast notification changes.

What is really happening due to the update

Let’s say that you and some of your friends are each using an Android smartphone or tablet in your local network. All of these devices are going to get a notification when just one of them is casting content to another connected device. This way, anyone who gets the notification will also be able to control or to end that cast.

As Android Police has reported, the update to Google Play Services 11 displays a message that is a bit different. It will say that “A device on your Wi-Fi is casting”.

This updated notification message is still going to let anyone on the network take control over that casting, but at least they’ll be aware if you’re trying to cast your favorite video and they might not interrupt it by accident.

This feature is currently rolling out via the Google Play Services 11 update, so it could take a while longer before it will also reach your phone, but don’t worry as it will definitely arrive.

You can currently stop the cast notifications on other devices from your network but for now this has to be done manually for each of the devices. Let’s hope that Google is planning on finding a way to remotely end these notifications sometime in the near future, so we don’t have to necessarily go and disable them for every device.

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  1. Hhhheeeeeeellllllppppppppp ! Wtf is up with not having google play services ? Cuz this is some bull shit. They tie everything together so half of my shit is unable to be accessible

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