iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Latest Release Date Leaks

Recently, there hasn’t been much luck in jailbreaking the newer iOS version. Even the jailbreaking Yalu102 tool had its limitations and problems. The Chinese Team Pangu have not released any hacking tool for the iOS since last year, with the release of the Pangu9, but this seems to be changing with the recent information surfacing from a Chinese seminar. Recent reports claim that Pangu have managed to create a jailbreaking tool for the latest iOS version and might just be released in the next few days.

Demo for the 10.3.1 version jailbreak

The iPhone 7 has apparently been quite difficult for the jailbreaking teams to crack into. However, this seems to have changed with reports of Pangu having shown a demo of their jailbreaking tool on an iPhone 7 device. Presented at a conference in the city of Shanghai, this demonstration has only increased speculations that the new jailbreak for the iOS will be released in only a matter of days. Currently, there is no jailbreak for versions 10.3 to 10.3.1 available for the general public, but this seems to be changing quite fast.

Some footage from the Chinese conference has appeared on a blogging website called ‘’Weibo’’ and it shows how a member from Team Pangu is presenting a vulnerability in the 10.3.1 iOS version. It is possible even to notice how their Pangu application is showing the word for the process (‘’Jailbreaking…’’) on an iPhone 7. The Title of the presentation also shows the iPhone 7 and the version of the OS it runs on, this only further cements the high probability that they managed to jailbreak the current iPhone.

Release for the public

There should always be a bit of skepticism when considering these sort of tools. Team Pangu has not released any sort of tool for the public since Pangu9, and this entire conference in China might just be a showcase of the vulnerability present in the 10.3.1 iOS, rather than a release for a new jailbreaking tool.

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