iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S3: How Different Are They?

Samsung has taken the fight to Apple. The release of the Galaxy Tab S3 has given the iPad Pro a worthy competitor. While both these devices fall into the tablet category, is there anything that separates them or are they more or less the same devices that just happen to be created by different makers?


Apple has dominated in the design field of handheld devices. That has been the case for a number of years, but they are finally getting competition from not just Samsung but other producers of similar devices as well.

With the iPad Pro, Apple has stuck with the familiar formula of minimalism adopted for all their products. Samsung, on the other hand, has also gone for familiarity with the Galaxy Tab S3 looks pretty much like its predecessor. Bearing the same design as the unit that came before isn’t always a bad thing, and that’s certainly not the case with these two devices.

Both the iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S3 measure almost 10 inches making them fierce competitors not just in terms of type but also in the size department. In other words, it would take more than looks to convince users to purchase any one of these tablets.


Looks are one thing but technicalities are a different matter. The Galaxy Tab S3 sports a Super AMOLED screen, just like many other Samsung devices. This type of screen offers better contrast compared to other displays. It’s also one area where Samsung has Apple beat: the latter uses LED display technology which doesn’t produce colors as vibrant as the Tab S3’s.

Users would most likely prefer a screen where colors seem to come alive, especially when they use their tablets to watch YouTube videos and stream movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Battery Life

Good features come at a cost. While the gorgeous screen of the Tab S3 is enough to wow users, the availability of such a feature means battery life will ultimately have to suffer. This might cause problems when traveling for long hours or users will just get bothered at having to charge the device again after just a few hours of binge-watching.


Both the iPad Pro and Tab S3 support stylus pens. The only difference is that Samsung bundles theirs with the device while Apple asks customers to purchase one separately. This is a big deal considering the purchase of additional accessories means spending money while people are looking for something that offers quality and savings at the same time.


This may be another area where Samsung beats Apple. The latter is notorious for not providing an option for expanding storage on their tablet devices. Instead, they offer different variants with a different storage capacity. On the other hand, the Tab S3 comes with a microSD card slot.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Apple iPad Pro belong to the tablet class, but it’s pretty clear they are different beasts. There is much to admire about the iPad Pro, but the Tab S3 looks to offer more in terms of value.

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