WhatsApp Gets New Siri Update with Best Features

A new WhatsApp version has been released for iOS devices and it is now allowing Siri to read messages that you receive via this application. As most of you already know, Siri is Apple’s voice based AI assistant, which can be quite useful while you are driving and when you can’t use your hands to control your device.

At the same time, the new WhatsApp update comes with other small tweaks and interface changes. You are now also able to select multiple statuses on the “My Updates” Screen. In addition, the voice call icon has been replaced with a strange “+” icon. While tapping the “+” icon, a contact selection menu will open for both video and voice calls. The new WhatsApp version for iOS also adds the Persian language.

We also have to mention that the new version of the application has simplified the two-step verification process, but at the same time, it has revamped the contact and group info sections with the built-in camera application.

Keep in mind that until now, Siri was able to write messages on your WhatsApp application. However, it was quite hard to read the WhatsApp messages while driving, as the AI assistant was not able to read them. However, now Siri is able to read WhatsApp messages, as long as you give it the permission to do it.

Unfortunately, this means that some of the data will be also sent to the Apple servers (in order to process your requests), which will surely make some users to just block Siri’s access to the WhatsApp application.

As for the “Video Conference” feature, we still don’t have any official news about it, but if the rumors prove to be right, you will soon be able to make WhatsApp video calls with more than two people at the same time.

Do you think that WhatsApp has made a good move by allowing Siri to read your WhatsApp messages?

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