Nintendo preps 2DS XL release – Circle July 28th in your calendars

Even before the Switch console was officially released, all the press, hype and promotion for the new Nintendo device made it very clear for Nintendo consumers that the focus of the company would be on the newborn, and that its older brothers and sisters would have to take a step back from the spotlight. While those who wanted more support for other Nintendo consoles weren’t too pleased about it, it seemed like what was going to happen eventually. Now, it would seem that this isn’t the case.

Recently, Nintendo announced that it is planning on releasing a new DS device. That being said, Nintendo consumers that want to upgrade their hardware but aren’t that stoked about the new Nintendo Switch can go for the new Nintendo 2DS XL console which will be arriving on shelves July 28. It is worth noting that in Japan, the handheld will go under the name 2DS LL.

This isn’t the first time that the famed Japanese gaming company has released an enhanced version of an already existing product of their on the market. There are plenty examples among the Nintendo 3DS console catalogue, which doesn’t make the actual release of this upcoming model that surprising or baffling. The shock factor in this equation is represented by the fact that Nintendo has shifted its focus, even if slightly, off its prized possession, the Switch.  This can easily mean that the company is going to release more non-Switch content and merchandise in the future, which would be the wisest business decision out of the existing options for Nintendo.

The Japanese company has invested way too much in its handheld sector to just let it go in favor of a single platform. More than that, it has built a large portion of its identity around devices such as the Nintendo 3DS, which came as an alternative to other popular consoles that followed the “ play from the couch in front of TV” approach. Regardless of what’s coming for Nintendo in both near and distant future, it’s safe to say that Switch will be part of both since its debut has been so good it exceeded Nintendo’s own expectations. More than that, broken record sales and continuous success are predicted in Switch’s future.

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