Adobe Flash Player Update Available with Latest Security Patches

Every year, Adobe Flash Player gets lots of vulnerabilities that allow malicious people to use malware and virus attacks and to exploit computer systems. Recently we also had another one, which made people question its security, namely a Windows malware that seemed to be a MacOS version of the Adobe Flash Player. Thankfully, the developers solved it quickly, and now Adobe brought to light 7 critical security patches for these vulnerabilities. With them, you can be sure to prevent potential attacks on your system.

But Is Flash Player So Widely Used?

Indeed, in the last months, many web browsers have ended their support for Flash, and with this we’re talking about Google Chrome and Firefox included. Even so, many websites can’t run any multimedia without the help of Flash. As such, it’s not a good idea to quit this software app. Meanwhile, Adobe is trying its best to improve their security.

Security Patches

Truth be told, some flaws that appear in the arbitrary code executions can turn out to be a real nightmare for people who use older versions of Flash and thus have more vulnerable systems. For this reason, Adobe recommends their users to update immediately on the platforms that have already received the latest version.

The versions that have been affected until now are Macintosh, Linux and Windows, more exactly the version of Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtimes for Windows and Linux. However, this also includes older versions. For Mac users, the vulnerable versions are and older ones.

If we’re talking about Google Chrome, than the vulnerable versions are or older, from those dedicated to Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. At the same time, for Microsoft Edge and IE 11 on Windows 8.1 and 10, the versions you should be wary about are and older.

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