Builder Base Update in Clash of Clans Comes With Progression Issues

Finally, fans got to see the much anticipated update in May for the Clash of Clans. The game has become really popular, which is why lots of people were anxious about the Builder Base update. Besides offering some really interesting things, the new update also makes progress harder to obtain, and thus you have to work more for it.

Complicated Update

Forbes reported recently that the update contributes to making process a struggle inside the game. Each player receives a minimum amount of troops, as well as other defensive structures. However, you can still achieve an 100% victory rate if you try really hard. However, in the new update you will find a new draw system, where there is no winner or loser.

Unfortunately, neither of the two players receives any kind of reward. This means that in the attacks, players are not that motivated to improve their playing manner, except if they win. Besides all this, the update also contains some changes to the trophy system.

Trophy System Changes

Supercell made some serious changes to the trophy system that existed in Clash of Clans. In a twist of events, now players can hardly lose any trophy, even if they lose the battle. This translates to the fact that players can’t really go down to better-matching enemies that quickly. They are simply stuck on such a tier that prevents them from winning. Correlate this with the draw system and you’ll understand why people are not that happy about the new changes.

All in All, an Interesting Update

Even though it is quite controversial, the latest Builder Base update is quite interesting. People are split when it comes to the new head-to-head system implemented by Supercell, but let’s just hope they’ll get used to it rather quickly.

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