GTA 5 Gunrunning Update to be Available Soon

If you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V game, you should know it is launching a new update called “Gunrunning” which introduces arms trafficking and underground evil lairs.

This update release is probably one of the reasons why the game Red Dead Redemption 2 is not yet on the market.

Gunrunning, which is supposed to be out in June, will focus on illegal arms trafficking in the “Southern San Andreas”, the trade of Special Cargo by the sharply-dressed CEOs and the leather-clad Bikers who own the streets. You will have the ability to buy bases underground in Blaine County available on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. In the subterranean headquarters, dotted with hatches, you will be able to produce military vehicles and weapons and manufacture equipment for developing desirable offensive and defensive technologies. They will also feature shooting ranges for practice.

For all the fans out there, the most incredible think is that this update will introduce vehicles equipped with weapons like roof-mounted guns. An armored personnel carrier (APC) will also be present as a new transportation option, which you will recognize from GTA IV’s Ballad of Gay Tony.

Rockstar said the residents of Los Santos know that the only thing more excited than crime is profit and you can receive a lot of money from some extremely shady customers which are ready to pay for what you can deliver.

With Gunrunning comes another new feature which is a full-service Mobile Operation Center. It will allow on-the-go vehicle customization, including weapon upgrades as I said before.

We are all waiting for the new Gunrunning update including some shady illegal business and research opportunities, Mobile Operation Center, weaponized vehicles, new weapons, APC transportation and more.

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