Try The New Jailbreak Tweak For CarPlay For Added Convenience

Upon using CarPlay, you can observe that the iPhone will display the logo and name of the app on the screen. After that, the screen fades and kicks you out to the Lock Screen.

Well, you can fix this from giving you a headache by using a jailbreak tweak called the CarPlay Lockout. This naturally prevents your iOS device to lock you out and returns you to its Home screen instead.

CarPlay Lockout Features

You can actually bypass this by pressing the Home button, but the app would eliminate the unnecessary step by automating the process. Basically, it doesn’t have anything to configure, so you should notice that the CarPlay screen would disappear a lot quicker than before.

Avoid Interruptions

This improvement allows you to continue using the device as you get connected to the CarPlay unit. The good thing is that you can do this without any interruptions, as you won’t be required to press the Home button in order to exit the screen.

CarPlay Lockout can be a complicated task of tweaking the stock iOS functionality, but it could be worth it due to the added benefits such as time savings and hands-free convenience. Although this might only be small in detail, it can actually change from an almost-perfect feature to one that is perfect.

Download CarPlay Lockout

You can check out this feature by downloading CarPlay Lockout for free. This is located at the BigBoss repository of Cydia. Take note that it works on jailbroken iOS devices running iOS version 10. Thus, you might have to check your iOS version if it capable of supporting the app.

Jailbreak tweaks such as CarPlay Lockout are just a few of the conveniences that you can download from Cydia for free. Just make sure that your iOS device can support the app you are going to download.

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