Adobe Flash Player Is Free: You Shouldn’t Have To Pay For It

Adobe Flash Player has become less popular as years go by because of the serious security issues it brings. But millions of websites still use this platform, which is why people who need to access these sites have to download and install Flash Player.

If you do need to get Flash Player on your computer, here’s one thing you should remember: Adobe Flash Player is free to download and install. If the website you’re getting it from requires you to pay money (even if it’s just a few cents), you’re likely looking at a scam.

This was what happened with a malicious app that was found on the Google Play Store. The app was called F11 and promised to install Flash Player in users’ Android devices — but only after they paid €18 via PayPal. Once they made the payment, they were then directed to install Firefox and Dolphin browsers on their phone.

Here’s what’s wrong with this: first of all, Adobe Flash Player is no longer officially supported by Android 4.1 Jellybean and above. So, no matter how much you pay, you won’t be able to officially download Flash Player for your Android device (unless it’s running on Android 4.0 and below). Second, Firefox and Dolphin browsers have built-in support for Flash Player and can be downloaded for free. So, anyone who downloaded F11 and followed its instructions basically paid €18 to install something that was was offered for free.

F11 has already been removed from the Google Play Store, but it’s not an assurance that other scams wouldn’t be developed in the future. To avoid them, always remember that downloading Adobe Flash Player on your computer is free. If you don’t have Flash on your computer, get it from the official download page at And, if you’re using an Android device, simply download Firefox, Dolphin Browser, and other reputable Flash-supporting mobile browsers from the Google Play Store.

Already have Flash Player on your computer? Learn about installing this web client.

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  1. Dear “Adobe Flashdrive” staff,

    Would you please help me as I have no one here to ask? I’m trying to listen to the above work on “Speaking Bach” and it tells me I need to install Adobe Flashdrive player to hear the audio. I have installed it both using Chrome and Safari and neither works. I’ve tried to fix the problem using youtube, community question boards and nothing works. All other sites I go to have audio. I haven’t bought Adobe Flashdrive. I just downloaded it from the Internet and my ‘ask permission to download’ box IS checked in the system preferences for Adobe. Do you know what might be preventing me from getting the audio? I only have four weeks to learn St. John’s Passion choral and chorus parts.


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