iPhone 8 Impressive Leaks – When is Apple’s Flagship Coming Out?

Most of the best smartphone manufacturers have already revealed their flagships for this year. With all the big players ready to compete against each other, the world is just waiting for the last titan to appear. Apple is yet to reveal its 2017 iPhone, the iPhone 8, but when it does, the world is prepared for a massive upgrade. There are many rumors flying around about when the device is coming out and what it will look like. Rumors had time to settle in since the handset itself has been awaited for more than half a year now. So what’s the iPhone 8 all about and when is it being released? Let’s take a look, shall we?


The price is a ciritcal element because many want to know how expensive the new upgrade will be. Regardless of whether you are upgrading from a previous version of the iPhone or buying your first one, you will still need to make a considerable financial investment as Apple is known to put quite steep price tags on its iPhones.

Analyzing the pricing strategies for the company’s previous iPhone releases, may think that the iPhone 8 will have a price of around $1000. Yes, that’s incredibly expensive for a smartphone no matter the brand, but how did it get to such astronomical values? Last year’s iPhone 7Plus, which is currently the iPhone variation of the highest caliber, cost around $900.  The new version of the device is thought to have some massive and revolutionary features so it’s only to be expected for the price to also go up.

September release date is a possibility

The release date for the iPhone 8 has been postponed and delayed countless times over. The handset was supposed to come out already but delays were required for various reasons. In a sense, it’s better that Apple is taking its time to perfect the handset and remove any problems remaining, but such a big delay means that it has no excuse for not providing a near perfect device. Many think that the device will be released in September.

However, a problem with stocks might have the majority of the Apple consumer base only get their hands on the phone in November or October the earliest.  This is because Apple is allegedly still in the process of acquiring parts for the 10th year anniversary iPhone model.


No matter when the device comes out, one thing is for certain: The phone will be a revolutionary approach to how Apple has been making its smartphones until now. It is said that it will come with a completely new design model. A fresh new concept will do a lot of good for the company and will also refresh interest in the iPhone line.

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