The Xbox One Insider Program Update Download and Install Available

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is one of the most popular in the world at the moment. Although its sales for 2017 are below those of the Nintendo Switch, which has been literally flying off the shelves after each restock, the Xbox One has been around for longer and its fan base is much more seasoned. For their most devoted fans, Microsoft offers the Xbox One Insider Program. Until now, the Xbox One Insider Program was, as its name implied, quite an elitist club. But Microsoft has decided to grant access to one and all.

There are flexible levels of access to the Xbox One Insider Program now, and the base one is called Omega. Anyone can have access to Omega now, and then it depends on them how much they advance. In order to go past Omega and it the other three levels of the Xbox One Insider Program, you need to take a two factors into consideration: longevity and amount of feedback given.

The more you have been into the Xbox One Insider Program, the more you can advance. And the more feedback you give overtime, the more Insider app XP you gain, which you then use to rank up and advance in level. The highest up in the hierarchy is the prestigious Alpha level, which is pretty hard to reach, but not impossible if you stay focused and you’re devoted to doing it.

The other two levels are Delta and Beta. Delta is the next one after Omega, and it’s open to anyone who has been in the Xbox One Insider Program for more than one month, and who also is a level 2 or higher Xbox Insider. Then the Beta level is open to those who have been in the program for more than three months and are level 4 or higher Xbox Insider. So which one are you?

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