Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – The Best 4K Gaming Consoles Pitted Against Each Other

There used to be a time when 720p was a big deal, but now people don’t want to hear of anything below 4K. It’s slowly becoming the new standard and service providers are taking that into account when they’re creating new devices. The same thing goes for console makers as both Sony and Microsoft understand the importance of 4K gaming, going into the next era of console video games.

Both manufacturers have a 4K solution for gaming, and many are interested in seeing how the two fare against each other. Today, we are attempting to compare the yet unreleased Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. That being said, let’s begin.

The Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is the successor of the One S, and brings forth numerous hardware changes. It is not yet released but Microsoft did unveil the machine at this year’s E3 event. What was formerly talked about as Project Scorpio has now become a real console. It’s the first Xbox console to offer 4K, so its natural competitor will be the PS4 Pro, Sony’s 4K solution.

The Xbox One X promises immense power and a sample of what it can do has been shown at E3 where Microsoft and game studios have collaborated to demo numerous upcoming 4K, triple A video games. There is no doubt about the fact that this is the most powerful console ever built, but is it necessary?

The concern many have is that there will be no real use for the One X, at least not for a while. Only one or two games that are being released this year will actually support true 4K, meaning that there isn’t a lot content out there for those who do get this overpowered console.  Being a new device, its price will also be pretty high.

The PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro comes as the direct successor of the original PS4 and provides some important upgrades. It is considered to provide almost double the power of the original console, alongside an integration of 4K support. The situation for the PS4 Pro is a lot easier than with the One X. If you want to buy a PlayStation, the Pro is the way to go, no doubt.  It features a lot more power and it comes with features that allow the player to select whether they want an improved frame rate or better graphics.

The thing about the Pro however that it does not provide true 4K, at least not as many would expect. Many times, the game will be upscaled to a higher resolution, not rendered at 4K. Video content is also below what many expected as it does not support UHD 4K, like the Xbox One S.


When it comes to a raw comparison, the One X wins easily, as it is the newer and more powerful device. The true winner for each individual, however, is selected once the person decides what they want their console to do, and if the upgrade cost is worth it. Buying the One X right now won’t yield a noticeable improvement since there is not much true 4K gaming content. Upgrading from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro is also tricky in some ways, but overall it’s a noticeable improvement. If you’re buying your first PS4, there is no reason why you would want the original one over the Pro.

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