Create a Bootable LIVE FreeDOS USB Drive in 5 Easy Steps

There are quite a few handy tutorials on the Internet that teach you how to install FreeDOS on any computer via a bootable USB drive. But a bootable USB drive that has FreeDOS pre-installed on it is even handier, and if you’re looking at this article then you might have already figured that one out by yourself. So here is a how to create a bootable live FreeDOS USB Drive in five easy steps that almost anyone can follow. Let’s begin.

  1. Get Oracle VirtualBox

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this without a specialized third party website. So, what you need to do is download and install Oracle VirtualBox on your PC.

  1. Open the program and create a new virtual machine

Now we assume that Oracle VirtualBox is installed on your PC. What you need to do next is create a new virtual machine and install FreeDOS there. This can be done using the FreeDOS ISO image that you can download from the official FreeDOS website. There are also further instructions on how to install FreeDOS on there, so feel free to consult them at any time.

  1. Install 7-Zip

Now you need to install 7-Zip and install the contents of the virtual drive file used in Oracle VirtualBox to a folder.

  1. Download and open Rugus

Now you need to get Rufus, another third party app that is useful for this. Attach the USB drive to your computer and then select it in Rufus. You will be able to use a special option called ‘Create bootable disk using FreeDOS’.

  1. Copy files and you’re done

Copy all the files from step 3 on your USB drive, and that’s it. Good job!

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