Android O Best Features and Improvements Known So Far

In a surprising twist of events, we might receive the latest version of the Android OS, namely Android O, in the upcoming weeks. As Evan Blass, a famous leaker, has tweeted on Monday, Android O might get released as soon as August 21st. This is going to be the 8th generation of the Android operating system. It will be, in fact, an incremental update that brings feature, performance and design improvements. But let’s have a look at the best features we will see on it.

Best Android O Features

  1. Battery Life Percentage

Finally, people can enjoy the battery life percentage being shown in the Android status bar. Moreover, Google did not add this feature on previous updates in the past.

  1. Better Optimization

From what it seems, the phones running Android O will be booting up faster. Android O will be optimized for a better app performance, as well as an improved battery life.

  1. Notification Badges

People will be enjoying notification badges that show you have a notification from a particular app. With the new Android O, you can press and hold the app icon if you want to see the notification.

  1. Cleaner Settings App

The team has cleaned up the Settings app so that it can look less cluttered. There are several settings that are being set into various intuitive categories.

  1. Picture-in-Picture

This feature allows you to watch a video or set up a video call while you are doing something else with the phone. The video box will be overlayed and will hover over the other things you do in the background.

  1. Snooze Notifications

If you get plenty of notifications from a certain app, this feature is awesome. You can mute the notifications for a period of time without putting the phone on the Do Not Disturb mode.

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