Nokia 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 – Be Comparison of Kings

The fact that Nokia is expanding its flagship smartphone line in order to include devices to suit a variety of tastes and budget is a well-known fact, especially among members of the tech community. The one device that is rumored to be the crowned king to end all these launches is the Nokia 8, a robust and luxurious device that will deliver an outstanding performance. According to, the upcoming Nokia 8 is rumored to be so amazing that many say it could be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8, 2017’s Android smartphone king.

But do the two actually compare? Keep reading to find out, but also don’t forget that the Nokia 8 hasn’t officially reveled yet, so what we have to say about it here is based solely on rumors and rumors alone.

The Comparison

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an elegant glass and metal piece, the Nokia 8 is rumored to be metal only. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Nokia 8 will have IP68 water and dust resistance. But the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slimmer and overall more elegant than the Nokia 8, so it certainly gets a big plus on design. The display is also better on the Samsung Galaxy S8 than what we’ve heard the Nokia 8 will have on board.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Nokia 8 have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor on board, with the mention that the Nokia 8 might just have a bit more RAM than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Both phones offer microSD support. The camera is where the Nokia 8 shines. It will have Zeiss camera technology if the latest rumors are to be trusted, and the rear camera will be a dual one, following the latest trends in smartphone design.

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