Apple iOS Leaks – No More Jailbreak Nowadays

The days of jailbreaking Apple iOS are done and instead of them, the known hackers and security researchers are going to simply identify iOS loopholes and system vulnerabilities. The only tool meant for jailbreaking came from Luca Todesco, an Italian hacker and other teams like PP Jailbreak, Pangu or TaiG are planning to come up with such jailbreak tools.

Back in the day, these kinds of tools used to be released much more often than now, but at the moment hacker teams apparently stopped developing the iOS Jailbreaking Tool; the jailbreaking process taking a new form.

Since September 2016, the release date for iOS 10, only two known jailbreak tools remained available to the public: yalu102 and mach_portal + Yalu, both tools being created by Luca with some help from Marco Grassi, a security researcher from KeenLab.

The senior research security expert for KeenLab, Liang Chen, received a lot of attention from the audience when he showed three iPhones running Cydia at the Mobile Security Conference held in Shanghai. Two of the iPhones were running iOS 10.3.2, while the third ran on iOS 11 beta version.  What Liang Chen did not mention was whether they will release a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3.2.

A new trend

Right now, there is a new trend of exploiting Apple iOS that replaces the classic jailbreaking. Hackers no longer take care of developing jailbreaking tools, but instead, they point out system flaws and vulnerabilities. Whether some will take advantage and exploit the entry is another story. A good example in this matter is Liang’s Chen demo at the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC).

Right now, people might be wondering why hackers no longer develop jailbreaking tools. The answer to this question can only be assumed. There was, however, a number of rumors suggesting that Apple Company contracted third-party security firms in order to exploit iOS so their own security team can focus on resolution, not searching for loopholes. If this rumor is confirmed, releasing a jailbreaking tool can violate their contract with Apple.

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